May 19-21, 2014
Boston University School of Management, Boston, Massachusetts
Susan Fournier, Mike Breazeale, and Jill Avery: Conference Co-chairs
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BBR 2014 Brands & Brand Relationships
​Below are links to some of the amazing presentations at BBR 2014.
The researchers were kind enough to allow us to share them with you.
Please respect their intellectual property.

Ahuvia and Rauschnabel
Is Brand Love a Social Problem?

Arnould and Dion    
Managing Human Luxury Brand: Persona and Dignitas

Bellazza and Keina
Brand Tourism: How Non-Care Users Enhance the Brand Image by Elicitng Pride

Bilodeau and Deschene
Consumer Society as a Modern Lovers Happy Hunting Ground: A Year Inside the Seduction Community

Bulmer and Buchanan-Oliver
Nostalgia, Brands and Relationships: Cultural Chains of Memory

Carrero, Blackston, and Lebar
Accessing Cross Cultural Consumer Brand Relationships Efficacy USA and Mexico

Duus, Cooray and Davies
The Brand Misfit: Paradoxical Brand-Resisting Practices in Social Media

Giesler and Veresiu
Managing Consumer-Brand Relationships in the Age of Conscious Capitalism

Goode, Khamitov, and Thomson
Understanding Brand Infidelity: Triadic and Dyadic Perspectives on Consumer-Brand Relationships

Hemar-Nicolas and Rodhain
'Eh Girls! Let's play we are in a restaurant! Imagine we are going to McDonalds'': Brands as Social and Cultural Resources in Children's Peer Culture

Hemetsberger and Muehlbacher
Brands as Processes

Hoskins and Griffin
Diluting or Reinforcing: The Impact of External Category Expansion Strategies on New Product Performance

The Human Brand? What Social Psychology Can Teach Us About Brand Perception

Coming to Grips with Connected Customers: Capitalizing on the Constantly Changing New Normal

Lloyd and Woodside
Brand-Animal-Archetype-Me Manifestation Model (BAAMM) of Consumer Motivation

Branding Now: New Tactics and Strategies for a Revolution in the Works

Rindfleisch and O'Hern
Brand Remixing: The Nokia 820 Case

Schroeder, Borgerson, and Wu
Resonating Brands and Aesthetic Values: A Case Study of Chinese Brand Culture