May 19-21, 2014
Boston University School of Management, Boston, Massachusetts
Susan Fournier, Mike Breazeale, and Jill Avery: Conference Co-chairs
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BBR 2014 Brands & Brand Relationships

BBR 2014 is intended for academics and managers with an interest in brands, brand management, and the relationships that bind or distance consumers and brands. The conference has equal relevance for young and established academic researchers, Ph.D. Students, marketing managers and consultants. The conference seeks to advance knowledge about brands and brand relationships by disseminating new research, sharing best company practices, and encouraging the evolution of research ideas. Building on the quality of accepted papers,   a third edited book is planned.

We encourage Completed Papers as well as developed Works-in-Progress reflecting a range of theoretical perspectives (e.g., anthropology, sociology, culture studies, organizational behavior, neuroscience, finance, economics, psychology) and diverse methodological approaches (e.g., experiments, ethnographies, critical studies, field studies, depth interviews, secondary research, empirical modeling) dedicated to understanding, creating, nurturing, managing, and leveraging brands and brand relationships:  

• The Psychology and Sociology of Brands 
• The Power of Brands/Brand Relationships
• Understanding Brand Equity and the Brand meaning * Brand strength * Brand value Chain
• Brand Co-creation and Open-Source Branding
• Negative Brand Relationships 
• Brands/Brand Relationships in Context (e.g., politics, person-brands, not-for-profits, global, luxury)
• Brand Relationship Management
• Branding/Brand Relationships on the Web
• Building Brand Culture and the Brand-Centric Organization
• Brand Positioning, Presentation and Story-telling
• Managing Brand Portfolios 
• Managing Brand Crises 
• Metrics, Measurement Systems, and Dashboards for brands and brand relationships

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